BIG change in iPhone 16 Pro Max production! Apple set to do a FIRST

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For the first time, Apple is planning to change the supplier from Foxconn to another company exclusively for iPhone 16 Pro Max. Here’s why. 

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iPhone 16 series is set to launch in 2024. 

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For many years, Foxconn has been Apple's main assembler, but with the iPhone 16 Pro Max, Apple is set to do first!

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For the high-end model of the iPhone 16 series, Apple is planning to give the exclusive contract to Luxshare, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed.

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Despite being the main supplier for many years, Foxconn has faced some challenges in recent years.

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This big change in the production of the iPhone 16 Pro Max is happening due to several reasons. 

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First, Luxshare is showing its key role in Apple's production capabilities in the last couple of years. 

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Second, Luxshare has also opened new factories in two main countries -- India and China to meet the demands of Apple.

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Apart from this, another reason to give the contract to Luxshare is possibly to diversify its supply chain. 

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As per a report by GizChina, Apple is giving the contract to Luxshare for iPhone 16 Pro Max to also reduce costs.

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This will help Apple to keep the iPhone 16 Pro Max price competitive. 

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