Buying an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12? Know top money-saving tips while buying an iPhone 

iPhones are flagship smartphones from Apple known for being the best in the business. Apple releases new models every year and they are very expensive.  

However, even as the newest iPhone arrives, Apple starts cutting the prices of the previous years' models. And when discounts start flying, a buying frenzy is unleashed. 

Apple continues to keep its older models in production and the sales are significant. Check out the buying opportunities now open on iPhone SE, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and others. 

The iPhone SE is the best new iPhone you could buy on a budget. While it can’t be compared to the flagship devices, it can still outperform most of the Android devices, while keeping you in the Apple ecosystem.

You could try your hand on the older iPhone models such as the iPhone 12, which is available for Rs. 50999 right now or even the iPhone 11 which costs Rs. 38999. They’re significantly cheaper than the flagship iPhone 14 while sacrificing a little in terms of performance. 

Buying an iPhone during the various sales which happen at different times of the year can save you up to 50% on a new device. Amazon and Flipkart provide huge discounts during these sales to make it easier on your pocket. 

Trading in your old smartphone for the new iPhone can save you significant amounts of money while also providing you with an eco-friendly solution to discard your old device.  

Buying a refurbished iPhone allows you to buy newer devices while saving you money. These devices go through various safety checks ensuring you get the device in the best possible condition.  

Amazon offers devices in conditions such as refurbished, pre owned or open box. Refurbished products are those that have been restored to almost new condition while Preowned have had a previous owner.  

Picking payment option too can ease the burden on your wallet. While the cost remains the same, it can be paid in small, monthly installments making it easier to purchase these devices. 

These days various banks offer payment plans for smartphones. They even include a no-cost EMI option, which allows you to buy a device without initially paying a single rupee. 

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