Covid Warning! Using iPhone 14, iPhone 13 or even iPhone 12? Keep killer virus away THIS way (Pexels)

With the rise of the BF.7 variant in China, concerns regarding the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic have engulfed all major countries as the virus is expected to reach across the globe soon. (Pexels)

While countries are gradually implementing Covid protocols and issuing advisories, you can also do something to keep yourself protected. And no, we are not talking about masks, social distancing or hand sanitizers. These are precautions that you must take daily (Pexels)

If you’re an iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 or any other currently Apple supported iPhone, then you have a feature embedded in your device that can potentially protect you from a Covid-19 exposure. (HT Tech)

The feature is called ‘Exposure Notification’ and you can enable it anywhere in the world. (Pexels)

iPhone Exposure Notification feature was jointly created by Apple and Google and it was built to protect people from contracting Covid-19 virus. (Pexels)

It works by keeping track of all devices nearby which have the same feature turned on and matching that list against people associated with positive COVID-19 cases. (Pexels)

You will get an exposure notification if you come across another person with a positive case or a case has been found in your locality. The notification will also nudge you to get a Covid test done. (Pexels)

To turn on this feature on iPhones, you first need to turn on Bluetooth and keep it on at all times. (HT Tech)

Next, go to Settings and scroll down to “Exposure Notifications”. (HT Tech)

Select your country/region and agree to the terms. Done! Your Exposure Notifications are now turned on. (Pexels)

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