Be safe, get these top 5 earthquake apps

Earthquake in Delhi: At around 7.57PM today, November 12, terror hit the public again, just days after the quake on November 9. This time too the epicentre was in Nepal. Location was 3 km from Silanga, Nepal.

Earthquake in Nepal: Estimated magnitude 5.1 on the Richter scale

Affected countries: Nepal, India, and China

While Earthquakes are unpredictable, there are apps on Google Play Store that can help you prepare for any emergency. Read on for the list of top 5 earthquake apps that can help you with alerts and more.

Earthquake Network: This app uses your smartphone to detect earthquakes and then connects with a virtual network of devices that can help crowdsource the data for other users.

Earthquake Pro: A simple app, EarthQuake Pro will provide users with a list of all the earthquakes that have occurred in the recent past, while also monitoring local earthquake alerts.

My Earthquake Alerts: This app allows you to monitor your own area, without any unwanted alerts for other areas. Users can remove ads in the free version by purchasing the pro version.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes: If you are interested in more than just earthquakes, the Volcanoes and Earthquakes app will allow you to view and keep track of different natural events around the world.

Enter text LastQuake: The app gets information about earthquakes by sourcing its data from public information and gives you an estimate of the scale of the earthquake. Here
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