Get more out of your iPhone than ever before, just try this trick

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iPhone users know that their handset has a huge number of tricks in it, but they don't always find out how to use them. Here is one that they can easily master-iPhone power button's SECRET features.

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Yes, your iPhone power button has a range of secret features that you will need to fix as per your needs.

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The iPhone power button, also known as the side button, comes with a secret feature, which you can activate to get quick access to various features. Check out this iPhone trick.

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All iPhones with FaceID have this feature. Those iPhones supported by TouchID can use it by replacing the power button with the Home button.

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Setup your iPhone power button this way: Go to Settingsscroll through the menuAccessibility optionnew window (look for the Accessibility shortcut).

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Here you will find a range of options to choose from. This includes the Magnifier, which enables you to read small texts by turning your iPhone camera into a magnifying glass.

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Next is the Switch Control. It will enable you to use switches to select, tap, or drag items, type, and even freehand draw.

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Then there is the Add Background Sound feature that opens a soothing track to calm you down. All done!

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Now, whenever you need to use these features, you have to triple-tap the power button (or the Home button) to quickly access them.

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Notably, there is no need to search through the Settings to search for the feature you want.

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