Giant 510-foot Asteroid 2023 DQ to make close encounter with Earth on this day 

Know all about the Asteroid 2023 DQ, which is going to make its close encounter with Earth, as per NASA. (Pixabay)

A 510-foot asteroid, named Asteroid 2023 DQ, is going to make a very close encounter with Earth tomorrow, March 8. (Pixabay)

The Size of the asteroid approaching Earth is 510 feet, as per NASA. (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2023 DQ’s closest approach to Earth will take place at a distance of just 2.3 million kilometers. (Pixabay) 

In terms of size, the asteroid is colossal, and it’s enormous size is at par with the size of a building! (Pixabay)

The giant Asteroid 2023 DQ belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids, which are a group of near-Earth asteroids named after the humongous 1862 Apollo asteroid. (Pixabay)

NASA not only uses its space telescopes and observatories like the NEOWISE to observe and study distant asteroids but also use ground-based telescopes such as the Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array (ALMA).  (Pixabay)

NASA also has a new impact monitoring system in place which uses an algorithm called Sentry-II to calculate the impact risk of Near-Earth Objects. (Pixabay)

Presently, there are close to 28,000 near-Earth asteroids discovered using various tech instruments which track objects in the sky. (Pixabay)

An asteroid's orbit is computed by finding the elliptical path about the sun that best fits the available observations of the object using various space and ground-based telescopes. (Pixabay)

Its computed path is adjusted till the predictions of where the asteroid should have appeared in the sky at several times matches the positions where the object was observed at the same time. (Pixabay)

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