Have iPhone 14, iPhone 13? Enable 5G this way now

You can now enable 5G on your iPhone 14, iPhone 13 or even iPhone 12!

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There’s good news for Apple users as Apple has finally rolled out the update which enables 5G service on iPhones like iPhone 14, iPhone 13 iPhone 12 and iPhone SE. 

However, you can only do so by enrolling in the Beta programme for now on Apple’s website. 

Though you can enjoy new features, do note that the Beta programme is for testing only and could have device-breaking bugs. 

Once enrolled, go to SettingsGeneralSoftware and check for the latest software update. 

The iOS 16.2 Beta will show up. Download and install the update on your iPhone. 

To enable 5G service, go to SettingsMobile DataMobile Data Options. Tap on Voice & Data and tap on 5G. 

5G service should now be activated on your iPhone. Enjoy blazing fast browsing and network speeds! 

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5G services were rolled out in India by PM Narendra Modi on October 1 at the 6th India Mobile Congress 

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