Have iPhone 13 or iPhone 14? Take a full-page screenshot, here is how

These simple steps can help you to take a full-page screenshot on iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and other iPhones too. (Pexels)

We often need to take a screenshot to keep a record of a piece of information we get while scrolling. (Apple)

 However, getting a full-page screenshot of the areas above and below what is on the display, is tough. But it is possible.  (Pexels)

A full-page screenshot, also known as a scrolling screenshot, captures the entire contents of a webpage, document, or email in a single image without the need to take multiple screenshots and then manually combine them. (Pexels)

You can take the full-page screenshot with just a tap on your  iPhone 13, iPhone 14 or other iPhones. To do that all you need to do is just follow these simple steps. (Apple)

By using the built-in iOS feature, users can take a scrolling screenshot or "Full Page" screenshot that generates a PDF of the entire contents on a webpage, note, email, or document. (Unsplash)

Start by taking a screenshot first. To do so, simultaneously press and then release the side button and volume up button.(Pexels)

Now, tap the screenshot in the lower-left corner, then tap Full Page. (Apple)

 The Full Page feature will only be visible when there is content on the screen that extends beyond a single page.  Now, to save the screenshot, click on Done and then choose Save PDF to Files. (Unsplash)

You will need to choose a location and then tap Save. (HT tech)

Once it is saved, you go to the Files app or the particular folder where you have saved the full-page screenshot and tap the PDF file to view it or even send it to someone. (Apple)

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