HDFC Bank WARNING! Don't respond to 'Account will be suspended' fake message (Pixabay)

Many HDFC Bank customers have been receiving fake text messages in the past. (Pixabay)

The message asks customers to update their Permanent Account Number (PAN) to avoid suspension of their bank account. (Pixabay)

However, HDFC Bank customers need to stay alert as this is a fake message. (Unsplash)

“Dear customers HDFC Bank account will be suspended today please click here to link and update your pan no immediately." The fake message read. (Pixabay)

The fake message also contains a link, which you should never click as it is dangerous. (Unsplash)

Clicking on the link can lead to hacking and loss of money. (Unsplash)

To avoid such scams you need to check the source of the message and link before clicking. (Pixabay)

Do not share  your bank account and PAN details at random places. (Pixabay)

Keep updating anti-virus software, e-mail filters, firewall programs, among others. (Pixabay)

Do note that the bank would never ask you to verify your account information via an e-mail/sms. (Pixabay)

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