How to change location setting on Google Pixel 7 (HT Tech)

On your Google Pixel 7, from the home screen swipe up, then tap settings, then tap location. (Amazon)

To choose which apps can find or track your location and when they can access it tap App location permissions. (Amazon)

Then Tap the App that you want to change location permissions for. (HT Tech)

Here you can choose to give an app access to your location only while using that specific App or only when you agree with it. (HT Tech)

You also have the "Don't Allow" option. If you choose this one, the app will not be able to access your location at all. (Amazon)

Now, you know how to change your location settings. (Amazon)

However, if you want to maintain privacy, you should not enable location sharing. (Flipkart)

If you must, then do so only if you are using that app. (Flipkart)

Having said that, there are various benefits of location sharing. (Flipkart)

Parents should also keep a track of their children's phones and take the best decision based on their judgement. (Flipkart)

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