How to make a video call with Google Meet on Google Pixel 7 (Flipkart)

You can make Video or audio calls to your contacts, including your friends with iPhones as long as they also have the Google Meet app. (HT Tech)

First, from the home screen, swipe up. Then tap the Meet app. (Flipkart)

The first time you open Meet, it will require permission to send you notifications. Follow the onscreen instructions. (Flipkart)

To search your contacts, tap Search contacts or dial. To start a video call, tap contact. Then tap Video call. (Amazon)

Or if you want to dial a new number, dial the number, tap invite and then tap Compose An invite in order to invite that number to create a Meet account. (Google Help)

Once you are on a Meet call, tap the menu to access effects. (Amazon)

To blur the background with the portrait mode filter, tap portrait. You can make calls in Family Mode where you can draw and use another child-friendly theme. (Google Help YouTube)

To turn on Family mode, tap Menu, and then tap Family. The mode also hides Incall controls to prevent kids from accidentally hanging up or muting the call. (Google Help)

To return to your install controls like Mute and Hang Up, tap the back arrow. (Google Help)

To accept an incoming Meet call, tap Answer. (Google Help)

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