How to share your location through WhatsApp on iPhone and Android phone

WhatsApp Live Location feature allows you to share your real-time location for a specific amount of time with your friends and family. (Unsplash)

You can share it on an individual as well as group chat on WhatsApp while using your iPhone and Android smartphones.  (Unsplash)

To share the live location on WhatsApp while using an iPhone, you will first need to enable location permissions for WhatsApp in your phone's Settings. (Unsplash)

First, go to the Settings app and then Apps & notifications. Here visit the Advanced settings and open App Permissions to find the Location. Turn on the settings for WhatsApp. (Unsplash)

After this, open an individual chat or group chat on WhatsApp. (Unsplash)

Here, tap on Attach or the paperclip symbol on WhatsApp account of the person you want to send it to. This will provide an option for Location. (Unsplash)

Tap on the Location and select Share live location along with the length of time you'd like to share. (Pixabay)

Tap on Send and it is now done! (Pixabay)

weDo note that your live location will stop being shared after the selected amount of time. (Pixabay)

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