HUGE savings! This Apple AirPods deal will let you save 14150

Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) prices have seen a new low! Don’t pay MRP of Rs. 18900 as this deal will let you save Rs. 14150. Check how to avail this it. (Pexels)

Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) usually come at a retail price of Rs. 18900. Thanks to this Flipkart deal, you can get a flat 15 percent discount. (Pexels)

That means these AirPods will cost you just Rs. 13990. (Pexels)

However, the special factor to reduce the price of the Apple AirPods is the combo of your old smartphone and bank offers. (Pexels)

You can get 10% off on Yes Bank Credit Card and EMI Transactions with up to Rs. 1500. (Pexels)

This will help you bring down the price to just Rs. 12490. Want more discounts? (Pexels)

Surprisingly, you can trade in your old and used smartphone that is no longer of use for you and can turn down the price of Apple AirPods to a new low. (Pexels)

Flipkart is offering up to Rs. 12650 discount while exchanging an old smartphone. (Pexels)

However, this will be the maximum discount that you will be able to achieve while fulfilling all the conditions. (Pexels)

If you manage to meet all exchange conditions, then you will be able to save up to Rs. 14150 on Apple AirPods (2nd Gen). (Pexels)

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) pack a H1 headphone chip, which delivers a faster and more stable wireless connection, as well as improved sound quality and lower latency. (Pexels)

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