iOS 16.4 releasing soon! To bring new emoji, Beta Updates Menu, more (HT Tech)

Is your iPhone updated to iOS 16? (HT Tech)

After Apple released iOS 16 in September 2022, several updates to it have been released. (HT Tech)

Currently, Apple is beta testing iOS 16.4 and it can be made available to everyone by April. (HT Tech)

The iOS 16.4 is said to bring several new features and changes to the iPhone. (HT Tech)

From new emoji, beta updates menu and more, here is what iOS 16.4 can bring. (HT Tech)

New emoji: iOS 16.4 is said to bring emojis like a shaking face, heart in 3 new colour options, a jellyfish, a donkey, and more. (Unsplash)

Beta Updates menu is likely to be there in the Settings App under General-Software Update, according to a report by MacRumors. (HT Tech)

Web Push Notifications via Safari will be made available with iOS 16.4. (Unsplash)

According to MacRumors, iOS 16.4 may bring several new features in Apple's Podcasts app across ‌iPhone‌ and CarPlay. (Pixabay)

iOS 16.4 can also reintroduce revamped home app architecture. (Unsplash)

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