iOS 16.4 update for iPhones coming, here are the top features you will get to play with

Apple has released its latest iOS developer beta version 16.4 for iPhone users with a slew of new features. What will your iPhone get? (Unsplash)

Since the launch of the iOS 16 back in late 2022, Apple is rolling out updates at regular intervals, delivering both new features and fixing existing problems. (Unsplash)

Now, iOS 16.4 developer beta has been released, and it has several new features that will reach your iPhones soon. (HT Tech)

One of the biggest additions in the iOS 16.4 update will be support for new Unicode 15.0 Emoji. Some of them include Wi-Fi symbols, jellyfish, flute, and more.   (Unsplash)

Another feature that the iOS 16.4 update will bring is the keyboard for several international languages. (HT Tech)

Among these languages, Punjabi, Urdu and Gujarati are the most notable ones, which will give a significant boost to the keyboard’s South Asian language support. (Unsplash)

Web Push notification - If you add a supported web app to your Home Screen, starting iOS 16.4 beta 1, you can optionally receive push notifications from it.  (Unsplash)

Additionally, third-party web browsers can now support adding web apps to the iPhone Home Screen. (HT Tech)

With this update, it is possible to receive push notifications from a supported web app that has been added to your Home Screen.  (Unsplash)

You will also get new Home Screen widgets for order tracking. (HT Tech)

Apart from these, Apple Music app may get some tweaks. As per a report by the XDA, it will no longer show intrusive pop-ups in the middle of the screen. (HT Tech)

When exactly the latest iOS 16 update will be rolled out to the general public is not, as yet, known, but Apple is not expected to take too long. (Unsplash)

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