iOS 16 done and dusted, check out what iOS 17 has in store for iPhone users

For iPhone users, iOS 16 updates have brought a huge number of standout features, but now, all eyes are on iOS 17 and what it has in store. Will iOS 17 update be as special? Better? Read on. (HT Tech)

Apple has increased its internal testing of iOS 16.5, which is expected to be one of the final significant updates before iOS 17 roll out, suggests a report by MacRumors. (HT Tech)

iOS 17 will be previewed at WWDC and officially released in September 2023. (Pexels)

Despite the fact that we are months away from the launch of iOS 17, several reports and leaks have given a glimpse of the features that may be coming. (HT Tech)

Among these expected iOS 17 features is the next version of CarPlay, which will provide enhanced integration with the vehicle. (Unsplash)

Air-conditioning and FM radio enhancing features too are expected along with support for multiple displays throughout the dashboard and even more personalization options. (Unsplash)

MacRumors suggests there will be AR/VR headset integration with iPhone and that it will work on its own. (Unsplash)

The upcoming iOS 17 may enable third-party browsers to utilize their own engines by removing the WebKit requirement.  (Pixabay)

After the preview at the WWDC, iOS 17 will get tested by developers and MacRumors expects the first beta delivery around July, 2023. (Unsplash)

As the launch of iOS 17 draws closer, it's likely that we can anticipate several other new features that may be included in the update. (HT tech)

Exactly what will come in the iOS 17 will be known only when the iPhone 15 series is launched sometime during the Fall of 2023 (Unsplash)

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