iOS 16.4 release date and what will come to your iPhones

Apple is gearing up to release the next iOS 16.4 update for iPhone users. When and what you should expect? All here. (HT Tech)

Apple has been consistently providing updates to its iOS software since the release of iOS 16. These updates comprise enhancements to the software, in addition to fixing any prevailing issues. (Pexels)

So far, several release reports and leaks have suggested a bunch of new features that are coming to your iPhone with iOS 16.4 update (HT Tech)

But will the iOS 16.4 release date for all iPhone users come up? (Unsplash)

March 20 marks the beginning of the season of "Spring". Apple, on the other hand, tends to launch significant updates to its iOS software on Tuesdays. (HT Tech)

As a result, the optimal iOS 16.4 release date is either March 21 or March 28, with a slight chance of postponement resulting in release dates of April 4 or April 11, a report by Forbes suggested. (Unsplash)

What does it have to offer? An important inclusion in the upcoming iOS 16.4 update will be the incorporation of the latest Unicode 15.0 Emoji. This collection encompasses a range of novel symbols such as Wi-Fi icons, jellyfish, flutes, and others. (Pexels)

Apart from this, it will bring the keyboard for several international languages, Web Push notifications. (Pixabay)

With this update, it is possible to receive push notifications from a supported web app that has been added to your Home Screen (Unsplash)

Moreover, the Apple Music app may get some tweaks. Plus, a new Apple Wallet widget on your home screen. (HT tech)

For iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users, the iOS 16.4 update will allow for the activation or deactivation of the always-on display feature with specific Focus Modes. (Unsplash)

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