i-Pain! On Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 14, remove duplicate contacts this way

Is your Apple iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 loaded with too many duplicate contacts? (Apple Support Twitter)

You can easily get rid of duplicate contacts on all iPhones supporting iOS 16.

In iOS 16, the Contacts app can detect duplicate entries and help you merge them.

In the Contacts app, link contact cards for the same person in different accounts so they appear only once in your All Contacts list.

When you have contacts from multiple sources, you might have multiple entries for the same person in Contacts.

To keep redundant contacts from appearing in your All Contacts list, contacts from different sources with the same name are linked and displayed as a single unified contact.

To resolve duplicate contacts you can merge them. In Contacts, tap View Duplicates below My Card. If View Duplicates do not appear, then no duplicates have been detected.

Tap individual contacts to review and merge them, or tap Merge All to merge all duplicate contacts.

You can link contacts manually too. Tap one of the contacts, tap Edit, then tap Link Contacts.

Choose the other contact entry to link to, then tap Link. When you link contacts with different first or last names, the names on the individual cards don’t change, but only one name appears on the unified card.

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