iPhone tips and tricks: Know how to undo send, delay sending emails; you must have iOS 16 (Reuters)

Sent an email by mistake? If you have an iPhone, you can unsend mail with Undo send in Mail App. (Reuters)

You can also delay sending emails in Mail App on your iPhone. (HT Tech)

In order to Undo send email and delay sending it, you need to note that your iPhone should support iOS 16. (HT Tech)

"With the Mail app, you can change your mind and unsend an email. You can also set a delay for all emails to give yourself a little more time to unsend them," Apple said. (Reuters)

To undo a sent email you have 10 seconds to change your mind after you send an email. (HT Tech)

You need to tap on 'Undo send' at the bottom of the screen to pull back the email. (HT Tech)

To delay sending emails go to Settings  and tap on Mail. (Reuters)

Then click on Undo Send Delay, and  choose a length of time to delay outgoing email messages. (HT Tech)

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