Jupiter, Venus conjunction happening soon; catch the planets at their closest; NASA reveals all

Jupiter, Venus conjunction will happen on March 1, 2023. They will come very close and you don't want to miss observing this awesome spectacle. NASA reveals all about it. (NASA)

 The Jupiter, Venus and even our Moon met in the western sky on February 21 and 22. The crescent Moon could be seen sitting close to Jupiter, with Venus below them. (NASA)

 On March 1, an awesome spectacle is going to be visible with Jupiter and Venus in close proximity. In short, Jupiter, Venus conjunction is coming. (NASA)

NASA said, "There’s a meetup happening in the western sky: Jupiter and Venus will continue to cozy up until March 1, when they’ll be at their closest." (NASA)

If you have this keen desire to witness this phenomenon then remember you can view it from earth in the night sky. (NASA)

Watching this phenomenon will definitely give you a thrilling lifetime experience. (NASA)

Venus is expected to shine bright with a magnitude of -4.0, while Jupiter will display twice the brightness with a magnitude of -2.0, almost as vibrant as Sirius. (NASA) 

Both the planets were separated by 29 degrees at the start of this month and are now progressively coming closer, according to several media reports. (NASA)

 "At present, they appear to be about “three fists” away from each other. However, the good news is, almost every night, this distance is reducing," a report by HT School stated. (NASA)

It further informed that on the night of February 20, the gap between the two planets had gone down to a little over 9 degrees. (NASA)

Astronomers believe that by 27th February, this gap will shrink to 2.3 degrees. (NASA)

On D-Day, that is 1st March, Venus and Jupiter will only be 0.52 degrees apart," the report added. (NASA)

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