Lunar Eclipse 2022 in Pics: Check out the Blood Moon (Pic Credit: ANI) 

November 8 witnessed the last lunar eclipse of this year which was a partial one followed by a total lunar eclipse. (Pic Credit: AP) 

It was a “Blood Moon” eclipse where the Moon turns red in the shadow of the Sun. (Pic Credit: PTI) 

The lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan of November 8 turned the Moon red for approximately 85 minutes. (Pic Credit: PTI) 

The partial lunar eclipse started at 2:10 PM and the total lunar eclipse at 3:47 PM. The total lunar eclipse ended at 5:11 PM. (Pic Credit: AFP) 

The total lunar eclipse sometimes gives the moon a reddish hue which is termed as Blood Moon. (Pic Credit: PTI) 

It happens because light from the sun refracts around the Earth, while the Earth acts as a prism. (Pic Credit: PTI) 

The light waves are stretched out, so they appear with a reddish hue when they reach the Moon. (Pic Credit: AFP) 

The lunar eclipse was visible from Iceland, parts of South America, south and central Asia and Russia. (Pic Credit: Reuters) 

The penumbral eclipse was visible from eastern Brazil and Argentina, northern Scandinavia and the Middle East. (Pic Credit: AFP) 
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