The top 6 magical phrases every kid should learn to be grateful and apps to help them learn better

“Thank You”

Gratitude begins when children learn to say ‘Thank you”. They should be taught to be grateful for what they have been given and what they have now. It teaches them to be thankful.

“Excuse me”

The phrase “Excuse me” teaches children to be polite. They stop seeking too much attention and develop an emphasis on developing good manners. This phrase shows that you are interrupting the other person's activities.


Children should learn how to be responsible for their actions and apologise. They need to know that everybody makes mistakes and honest apology creates peace. 


Making requests is also counted as a good manner. Saying please helps them understand that nothing is easily made available to them.

“May I”

“May I” teaches them to take permission for a task. It also helps them to respect authority. 

“You are welcome”

“You’re welcome” is another way of being grateful. Additionally, it enhances their vocabulary and develops empathy. 

Language apps help children playfully learn about these magic phrases. Apps like Duolingo have a fun interactive learning environment.

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