Mars vs Earth by the numbers: Everything you wanted to know in brief (NASA)

However, did you actually check the planet's numbers. Well, get up close and personal now as we reveal them and put them in perspective by comparing Mars with Earth. (NASA)

Mars may be in the news a lot, but when it comes to size, then the Red Planet is 1.9x smaller than Earth. (NASA)

AVERAGE ORBIT DISTANCE- Mars is 141,637,725 miles while Earth is 92,956,050miles (Pixabay)

MEAN ORBIT VELOCITY- On Mars, it is 53,858mph and on Earth, it is 66,622mph (Pixabay)

EQUATORIAL INCLINATION- For Mars, it is 25.2 and Earth, it is 23.4393 degrees (Pixabay)

EQUATORIAL RADIUS- For Mars, it is 2,106.1miles and for Earth, it is 3,958.8miles (Pixabay)

EQUATORIAL CIRCUMFERENCE- For Mars, it is 13,233.3miles and for Earth, it is 24,873.6miles (NASA)

SURFACE AREA- Mars has 55,742,106square miles and Earth has 196,936,994square miles (Pixabay)

SURFACE GRAVITY- On Mars, it is 12.2ft/s2 and on Earth it is 32.041ft/s2 (Pixabay)

ATMOSPHERIC CONSTITUENTS- Mars has Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Argon, while Earth primarily has Nitrogen and Oxygen (Pixabay)

ESCAPE VELOCITY- On Mars, it is 11,252mph and on Earth, it is 25,031mph (NASA)

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