MASSIVE! 190-foot asteroid zooming towards Earth; know speed, distance here (Pixabay)

Three gigantic asteroids are zooming close to Planet Earth on March 5. (Pixabay)

One of the asteroids is as huge as 190-foot, similar to the size of an airplane. (Pixabay)

The 190-foot asteroid 2023 BK5 will come close to Earth at a distance of 6.81 million kilometers on March 5.(NASA)

The speed at which 2023 BK5 is travelling is 30384 kmph. (Pixabay)

Another asteroid to zoom past Earth on March 5 is 2023 DU. (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2023 DU is 97-foot in size and will make the closest Earth approach at 1.27 million kilometers. (Pixabay)

This massive asteroid is rushing towards the planet at a speed of 42228 kmph.  (Pixabay)

A 84 foot asteroid named 2015 EG will also cross Earth tomorrow. (Pixabay)

The huge rock will make its nearest Earth approach of 5.33 million kilometers. (Pixabay)

The speed at which the asteroid 2015 EG is travelling is 28836 kmph. (Pixabay)

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