Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars to Dwarf Planet Pluto, which has the coldest temperature?

We may live in more or less benign temperatures here on Earth, but that cannot be said about other planets stretching from Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars to Dwarf Planet Pluto. (Unsplash)

NASA says that planetary surface temperatures tend to get colder the farther a planet is from the Sun. (Pixabay)

Having said that, there is an exception, Venus. This planet is the solar system's hottest planet. What makes it so? Its dense atmosphere and of course, proximity to the Sun. (Unsplash)

Check out the coldest planet in the solar system as we show here the mean temperatures of all the planets: (NASA)

Mercury - 333°F (167°C) (NASA)

Venus - 867°F (464°C) (NASA)

Earth - 59°F (15°C) (Wikimedia commons)

Mars - Minus 85°F (-65°C) (NASA)

Jupiter - Minus 166°F (-110°C) (NASA)

Saturn - Minus 220°F (-140°C) (Unsplash)

Uranus - Minus 320°F (-195°C) (NASA)

Neptune - Minus 330°F (-200°C) (NASA)

Dwarf Planet Pluto - Minus 375°F (-225°C) (NASA)

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