Moon origin? Here Is what this NASA scientist has to say

So, where did the Moon come from? There have been several theories regarding  the origin of our moon.  Here is what NASA scientist Caitlin Ahrens has to say about it. (NASA)

Earlier versions of moon formation theories included capture, where the Moon would have been a strayed planetoid. (NASA)

Then comes the second version that was a fission, where the Earth was spinning so fast that it would have come out of the Earth and then formed its own body. (NASA)

Fission theory has it that the Moon was part of the Earth, but was separated from it billions of years ago when the solar system was being formed. (NASA)

Then there is the giant impactor theory. This collision was during the late stages of planetary formation in the solar system, when planets were still very new and very much forming. (NASA)

This phenomena happened when Earth was just an embryo, a baby planet, and this was actually in a crash course collision with Theia, which is a Mars-size planetoid. (NASA)

The collision of earth with Theia , blew apart early Earth's crust and that crust then coalesced into our Moon. (NASA)

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