NASA reveals a bus-sized asteroid hurtling towards Earth today at 22106 kmph! Should you worry?

NASA has warned about a bus-sized asteroid that is speeding at a worrying speed. Is it a big threat to Earth? NASA explains. (Pixabay)

An asteroid is speeding towards Earth today! (Pixabay)

Yesterday, Earth safely escaped a giant 160-feet asteroid that grazed past it even closer than the Moon. (Freepik)

Now another asteroid is all set to make its closest approach toward Earth which is causing concern.  (Pixabay)

The upcoming asteroid dubbed 2023 FL2 is traveling at a worrying speed of 22106 kmph and will come as close as 2.9 million miles to Earth. (Pixabay)

According to, the asteroid 2023 FL2 will buzz the Earth on March 26, today at 23:46. (Freepik)

The asteroid 2023 FL2 was detected on March 19, 2023. This near-Earth object belongs to the Amor group and makes one orbit around the Sun in 477 days. (Freepik)

Is it a potential threat to Earth? Thankfully, NASA says otherwise! (Pixabay)

NASA's JPL has given the tag of potentially hazardous objects to all the space rocks that approach within 4.6 million miles of Earth and have a size larger than about 150 meters. (NASA)

However, a small deviation from its path can lead to catastrophic consequences on Earth. (Pixabay)

Hence, NASA and other space agencies keep a constant watch.  (NASA)

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