NASA shows why you can see the moon during the day

We think of the Moon as a nighttime object because it's often shown that way to us in books and movies. (NASA)

 Even the weatherman uses the Sun as a symbol for day and the Moon for night, but the Moon actually spends almost as much time in the daytime sky as the night. Yes you read it right. (NASA)

During the day, you just have to look a little harder to see it. (NASA)

As you know and have read that the Moon doesn’t have its own light and that is one of the biggest reasons why we see it in day time. (NASA)

We can only see the Moon because light from the Sun is reflecting off of its surface. The Moon actually shines bright enough that you can see it day or night. The key is that it should be in the right part of the sky.(NASA)

The process of reflection happens both in day and night. That's why we see the moon both during the day and night.(NASA)

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