NASA spots 5 asteroids hurtling towards Earth at shocking speed

NASA has issued a warning about several asteroids that are speeding towards a really uncomfportable close approach to Earth. In size and speed, these asteroids are terrifying.  (Pixabay)

Asteroids, which are truly fearsome rocks tumbling across space, travel around the Sun, but they can alter their paths due to a gravitational disturbance or some other force and that can be dangerous for planets like Earth.  (Pixabay)

Now, as many as 5 asteroids are set for a close approach to Earth, NASA reveals. (Pixabay)

One of these scary rocks is the Asteroid 2019 OR1, which is a 770-foot asteroid in size, almost equal to the size of a stadium. (Pixabay)

This monstrous asteroid is expected to come as close as 4.3 million miles to Earth at a speed of 48182 km/h. This makes it a potentially hazardous asteroid. (Pixabay)

Any asteroid falls under the category of potentially hazardous asteroids as any near-Earth object that comes anywhere near Earth within a distance of 4.6 million miles is termed a potentially hazardous object by NASA. (Pixabay)

NASA has also warned of a bus-sized asteroid named Asteroid 2022 WD, which measures just 31-foot in diameter. It will approach as close as 2.63 million miles to Earth today. (Pixabay)

A similar, 32-foot-sized asteroid named 2022 WE2 will also make its closest approach towards Earth tomorrow at a speed of 47025 km/h. It will be at a distance of just 0.74 million miles from Earth which is a terrifyingly close. (Pixabay)

There are two other airplane-sized asteroids that are coming tomorrow.  (Pixabay)

The 72-foot 2022 WG1 asteroid and the 92-foot-sized asteroid 2022 WO1, which are both potentially hazardous asteroids. The first will come as close as 1,060,000 miles to Earth and the other 2,370,000 miles. (Pixabay)

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