NASA to train Indian astronauts for ISS mission in joint collaboration with ISRO- 9 points to know

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NASA is set to train Indian astronauts for a joint venture to the International Space Station (ISS). US envoy Eric Garcetti shared the news at a space conference in Bengaluru.

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Advanced Training for Indian Astronauts: Garcetti hinted that the mission could happen this year or shortly thereafter. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the space endeavours of both nations.

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NISAR Satellite Launch: Another milestone is the upcoming launch of the NISAR satellite from ISRO's Satish Dhawan Space Center. This satellite, a joint effort between NASA and ISRO, will monitor Earth's resources.

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Garcetti stressed the importance of collaboration between countries in space exploration. This partnership not only advances scientific endeavours but also creates job opportunities in the sector.

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US-India Commercial Space Conference: The conference in Bengaluru witnessed participation from senior officials and industry leaders. It served as a platform to discuss opportunities and strengthen ties in the commercial space domain.

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Economic and Commercial Relations: The US Ambassador to India highlighted the robust economic and commercial relations between the two nations. Such partnerships are expected to shape the future, from the depths of the sea to the vastness of space.

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ISRO Chairman Dr. S Somanath commended the visionary leadership of both nations. This acknowledgment underscores the significance of international cooperation in advancing space exploration.

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New Chapter in Space Partnership: USIBC president Atul Keshap described the collaboration as a new chapter in US-India space partnership. This partnership is poised to drive innovation and unlock new opportunities.

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Senior defence officials from India and the US convened for the US-India Advanced Domains Defence Dialogue. Discussions focused on strengthening space cooperation and potential collaboration with US industry.

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