NASA warning! Asteroid 2023 FO to come terrifyingly close to Earth today! Closer than Moon

NASA has warned that a small yet potentially hazardous asteroid is approaching Earth and is expected to make a closer approach than our Moon! (Pixabay)

An asteroid that was discovered in 2023 itself is getting a little too close to Earth for comfort today! (Freepik)

Asteroid 2023 FO, which measures just 15 feet in size will get very close to Earth today on March 19.  (NASA)

It is travelling at a blistering speed of 22430 kmph, NASA’s CNEOS data confirmed. This near-Earth object belongs to the Apollo group. (Pixabay)

How close will this asteroid get to haunt us Earthlings? Terrifyingly close! NASA says it will come as close as 215,000 miles to Earth. (Pixabay)

It should be noted that the average distance between Earth and the Moon is about 239,000 miles. (Pixabay)

That means this celestial guest will be even closer than the Moon to Earth today.  (Pixabay)

And that’s why asteroid 2023 FO poses a huge risk to Earthlings. A small deviation from its orbit can lead to catastrophic consequences on Earth. (Pixabay)

Asteroid 2023 FO appeared suddenly in our skies and was detected on March 17, 2023. Yes, just a couple of days ago! (Freepik)

How do astronomers detect the potential risk of asteroids? They use the ATLAS asteroid impact early warning system, created by the University of Hawaii and supported by NASA. (Pixabay)

The system includes four telescopes (two in Hawaii, one in Chile, and one in South Africa) that scan the entire sky multiple times each night, automatically searching for moving objects. (Pixabay)

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