New solar storm threatens Earth after massive Sun activity recorded by NASA's SOHO satellite.

A very powerful solar storm had earlier sparked radio blackouts in North America.

NASA tracks a solar storm through the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory). It studies the Sun, its atmosphere, and its effects on the solar system.

The Sun on May 16 spewed out a near-X-class solar flare. It had a major impact on the Earth.

Ultraviolet radiation ionized the upper atmosphere and caused a shortwave radio blackout over North America and the northern parts of South America.

The blackout affected mariners, amateur radio operators, and aviators.

Now, another major solar storm could be headed toward the Earth. said, “Earth-orbiting satellites detected an M9.6-class solar flare.The event could herald a period of renewed solar activity as the sunspot turns toward Earth”.

Now, the sunspot that caused the solar flare explosion will soon directly face Earth. This means not just one, Earth may face the prospect of multiple solar storms.

The sunspot is crackling with solar flares. And multiple CME clouds may well be hurled towards Earth triggering a chain of solar storm events. 

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