Piaggio 1 e-scooter is here! Design, speed, range- know everything here

During the 2022 EICMA in Milan, Italy, Piaggio unveiled the 2023 edition of the popular Piaggio 1 e-scooter series.

The new Piaggio 1 2023 series consists of three models – the Piaggio 1, Piaggio 1+, and Piaggio 1 Active. 

Piaggio 1 2023 Design: All three models share the same design of apron-mounted LED illumination, and it sports a minimalist and lightweight design with compact side panels. 

Piaggio 1 2023 Top Speed: The standard and Piaggio 1+ e-scooters have a top speed of 28mph (45km/h) while the Piaggio 1 Active delivers a top speed of 37mph (60km/h).

Range: The company claims that Piaggio 1, Plus, and Active come with a range of 55km, 100km, and 85km respectively. 

The Piaggio 1 series comes with a removable battery setup for easy charging for all three models. 

Piaggio 1 series will be available in grey, white, black, Sunshine Mix, Arctic Mix, and Flame Mix colour options.

Price: However, price details are yet to be revealed. 

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