Promate TWS Lush: Price, specs and features

 Promate TWS Lush, its first audio product in India, has been launched. (Promate)

The TWS Lush promises to provide with a splendid audio experience . (Pomate)

The TWS earbuds are high-tech and have an exotic look and are balanced by the superior acoustic audio quality. (Promate)

The Promate audio product has touch sensors that allow user to control music and calls. (Promate)

The ear buds have in-built proximity sensors to play music as soon as you insert the earbuds and stop when you remove them. (Promate)

The TWS Lush supports 20 hours of non-stop playback supported by a fast-charging case. (Promate)

The truly wireless earbuds are powered by Bluetooth 5.1, which provides seamless and instant pairing. (Promate)

The earbuds feature a built-in high-resolution microphone for stable connectivity and clearer conversations. (Promate)

The TWS Lush is available at leading retail stores in India priced at Rs. 1699 and comes with a 24-month warranty. (Promate)

 In the next coming three months Promate will likely launch over 30+ new products, including Smartwatches, chargers and speakers. (Promate)

Promate, in a statement, said, "Our audio products are designed to provide the purest music experience". (Promate)

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