Quadrantids meteor shower in 10 points- Just look up now

The great part is that, compared to others, it is much brighter than other meteor showers. Quadrantids can be best viewed in the northern hemisphere during winter nights. And, you would be glad to know, it is very much on display now- just look up!

Quadrantids meteor shower peaks in early January every year. It is active between Dec. 26, 2022, to Jan. 16, 2023 (Peak is Jan 2-3, 2023)

The origin of the Quadrantids meteor shower are a bit mysterious. NASA says it can be either asteroid 2003 EH1 (or a possible "rock comet")

At its peak, Quadrantids meteor shower lasts only a few hours as compared to other meteor showers which are days long.

 The peak of Quadrantids is short because its stream of showers is thin and the stream crosses the earth at a perpendicular axis.

Under perfect conditions 60 to 200 Quadrantids can be seen- Peak Activity Meteor Count Is Approximately 80 meteors per hour.

Quadrantids are very bright as compared to other meteor showers. The reason is that Quadrantids are made up of larger particles.

To see Quadrantids find an area away from habitable surroundings during the night.

Lie down on your back and feet in the northeast direction take a wide look at the sky and in a few minutes your eyes will be able to see the meteor shower.

Quadrantids meteor shower Velocity is about 25.5 miles (41 kilometers) per second

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