Rare green comet to be visible from Earth after 50000 years; Know when you can watch it (Pexels)

The Earth will soon come across an ancient comet which has not come this close to our planet in 50,000 years.  (NASAA)

So, the last time this comet moved past the Earth sky, humans were still in the stone age. Neanderthals were roaming the planet then. (Pexels)

And now, this ancient green comet will pay a visit to modern humans. (NASA)

It is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to see this comet. (Pexels)

And that’s why NASA has been spreading awareness about this comet as well.  (NASA)

The comet’s coma (the nebulous envelope around the nucleus of a comet) has an unusual green hue, which according to NASA is caused by glowing carbon gas. (NASA) 

The comet will come closest to the Earth on February 1, 2023. (Pexels)

The comet is expected to get brighter than magnitude 6 and thus become visible to the unaided eye.  (Pexels)

According to NASA, currently, the comet is sweeping across the northern constellation Corona Borealis and can be seen with the help of a telescope right before dawn.  (Unsplash)

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