In the era of the internet, online payments have increased and so have shocking scams.

Fraudsters not only use the latest technology, but also psychological tricks to fool people and steal their money.

In such a situation self awareness can help you a lot. Here are several ways to prevent online financial frauds.

Use strong passwords to unlock your phone or UPI payment app. Also, change passwords on a regular basis.

Never click on unsafe links that you receive via emails or unknown websites.

Do not share any personal information online with sources you do not trust.

While using QR codes, do not agree to scan a code from someone unknown.

Never provide or enter your UPI pin to receive money from anyone.

Do update your phone and computer’s system security regularly and be alert while making online transactions.

Report your bank immediately if you think you have been fooled. You can get your money back from fraudsters, but only if you report it to the bank immediately.
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