Shah Rukh Khan named brand ambassador of realme smartphones just ahead of Realme 11 Pro launch

Photo Credit: Realme

Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, arguably India's biggest superstar, has been named as the realme smartphone brand ambassador.

Photo Credit: ANI

The company says that the dynamic collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan reinforces the brand's commitment to inspiring the millennial generation and fuelling its own growth.

Photo Credit: AFP

The announcement comes just ahead of the launch of its flagship smartphone series, the realme 11 Pro Series 5G in India.

Photo Credit: PTI

Through the tie-up realme is focusing on delivering smartphones that resonate with the aspirations and ambitions of today's youth.

Photo Credit: AP

The first product Shah Rukh Khan will endorse for realme is the realme 11 Pro Series 5G.

Photo Credit: Realme

According to the statement by the company, "As the brand's ambassador for the smartphone category, Shah Rukh Khan embodies the spirit of realme with his remarkable journey and charismatic persona."

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