Shocked and awed! This iPhone survived 12 months under water

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Yet another shocked and awed moment just happened with an iPhone! It was fished out of water fully functional even after spending 12 months under it.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple started launching its phones with an IP rating. 

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The idea was to tell buyers that the iPhone would be able to resist water to a certain extent. However, even Apple in its wildest dreams could not have imagined what this iPhone would manage to do. 

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This iPhone stayed underwater for 12 months and emerged unscathed!

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As per a report by GizmoChina, Four Lakes Scuba Club in Madison have retrieved an iPhone that had been submerged underwater for almost a year.

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Surprisingly, despite its prolonged immersion in water, the iPhone could be powered on and used without any noticeable problems. 

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The president of the Four Lakes Scuba Club explained that the iPhone's screen lit up while attempting to charge it after getting out of the water.

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Not just that, the internal data of the iPhone helped the scuba club to find the owner of the iPhone with the help of local authorities. 

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Remembering the incident, Ellie Eisenberg, the owner of the lost iPhone told GizmoChina that she had dropped her iPhone into the water while on a boating excursion with friends in the summer of 2022.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Unfortunately, it is not clear which iPhone this is although simply from looking at it suggests that it could be the either an iPhone 12 Pro or an iPhone 13 Pro. 

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