Shocking! Minecraft to soon collect user playtime data; Know what it means for you

Popular sandbox game Minecraft will soon be making some changes to the game.

Shockingly, these changes will not add any new features to the game but will collect user data.

In patch notes, Mojang explained that the Minecraft Java Edition will collect the user playtime data.

Minecraft will collect information around the game modes players pick, amount of time played and the ticks. 

This data will give devs the idea of how fun Minecraft is.

There is no way to opt out of this new set of telemetry data. Players can choose between all and minimal data sent.

However, whatever data Minecraft collects will be displayed on the screen. 

This required data will be collected in the form of 'WorldLoaded' and 'WorldUnloaded' events.

“All the data we collect, whether required or opt-in, follows GDPR and CCPA best practices to keep your information safe,” Mojang explained.

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