Simply irresistible! iPhone 12 price cut to 32999 from 59900

Flipkart Big Saving Days sale is now live and you can save a big amount on premium smartphones. Here is an affordable iPhone deal. (Unsplash)

Now, an iPhone can be reasonably affordable! Flipkart has rolled out a lucrative deal on iPhone 12. (Pixabay)

All of this comes at a price of Rs. 59900, but you can get it at just Rs. 32999. All thanks to the Flipkart deal. (Unsplash)

Initially, Flipkart is offering a flat Rs. 5901 discount. That makes the iPhone 12 price drop to Rs. 53999. There is more! (Unsplash)

Apart from this, American Express Credit Card Cardholders can get an additional Rs. 1000 off. (Unsplash)

Apart from this, ICICI bank and Flipkart Axis Bank card holders can avail of some other benefits. (Unsplash)

To get it at an impressively low price, you have to trade in an old smartphone, which can offer a flat Rs. 20000 discount. (Unsplash)

By taking advantage of the collective discount, bank promotions, and exchange deals, you can reduce the price to a mere Rs. 32999. (HT Tech)

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Note: The price might differ based on the smartphone that you intend to exchange. (Unsplash)

What do you get at this low price? Know that the iPhone 12 was the first to bring 5G connectivity to Apple iPhones. (Unsplash)

What also stands in favour of the iPhone 12 is its A14 Bionic chipset, dual 12MP camera and many other features all available at an affordable price now. (Unsplash)

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