Special deal! iPhone 11 price slashed to 13249 from 43900; Just do this

 Looking for an affordable alternative to the latest iPhone models? Check out this iPhone 11 deal and get it for under Rs. 20000. (Freepik)

If you need a new iPhone while moving from an age-old Apple phone or want to switch to the Apple ecosystem from an Android, then starting with an affordable iPhone is the perfect idea.

This can be now possible with an amazing deal on iPhone 11, originally priced at Rs. 43,900, but Flipkart has announced a significant price cut. (Pexels)

Currently, Flipkart is offering it for just Rs. 40999. But that's not all! (Unsplash)

You can further reduce the price of the iPhone 11 by taking advantage of exciting exchange offers and card offers on the smartphone. (Unsplash)

Flipkart is presenting a fantastic exchange offer on the iPhone 11. By trading in your old smartphone, you can obtain an incredibly massive value of Rs. 27000 discount. (Pexels)

However, the exchange amount depends on the brand, model, and condition of your old smartphone, as well as the exchange availability in your area. (Unsplash)

After applying all these discounts, the price of the iPhone 11 has dropped to just Rs. 13249, which is an excellent deal. (Unsplash)

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With its A13 Bionic chipset performance, excellent battery life, and impressive dual camera system, the iPhone 11 is still an excellent option to get premium features at an affordable price. (Unsplash)

Additionally, it comes with 5 years of software support and will also receive an iOS 16 update. All of this is available at an incredibly low price.  (Unsplash)

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