Stop sending bad WhatsApp photos on iPhone, Android; pick the best THIS way (Pixabay)

Almost everyone shares images, videos, and more via WhatsApp. However, have you noticed that the app compresses the image leading to deterioration in its quality? (Pixabay)

So, why does the image quality deteriorate while sharing it on WhatsApp? This happens because in the Settings of the application the photo upload quality is in auto mode. (Pixabay)

In order to avoid the photo quality compression and to send a high quality image over WhatsApp, you need to follow a simple trick. Here is how to send the best quality photo on WhatsApp: (Pixabay)

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device and click on the three dots to go to WhatsApp Settings. (Pixabay)

From Settings you will have to select Storage and Data. (Pixabay)

After that you will have to tap on the Photo upload quality and select the Best Quality option. (Pixabay)

Once you select the Best Quality option, click on Ok. (Pixabay)

Meanwhile, people who are new to WhatsApp and are not sure of the steps they need to follow for sharing best quality photos and videos, here is what you need to do: (Pixabay)

Go to WhatsApp and open an individual or group chat where you want to send the photo or video. Click on the Attach icon. (Pixabay)

On an Android device, click on the gallery to select an existing photo or video from your phone. Tap and hold to select multiple images. iPhone users will have to click on the plus icon and then select Photo and Video Library to select a photo or video. (Pixabay)

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