Stunning! Artemis 1’s Orion capsule captures Earth on its way to the Moon

On November 16, Artemis 1 successfully launched after multiple failed attempts.

The Orion capsule aboard the rocket is headed for the Moon.

But instead of landing, it will complete a trip across the Moon and return to Earth.

This is being done to facilitate crewed missions to the Moon in 2024 via the Artemis 2 mission.

But on its way to the Moon, the Orion capsule has managed to take a stunning image.

In the ‘selfie’ image, you can see the Earth as well as the Orion capsule.

There are 24 cameras on the rocket and spacecraft – eight on SLS and 16 on Orion – to document essential mission events

Each of Orion’s four solar array wings has a commercial off-the-shelf camera mounted at the tip that has been highly modified for use in space

The 25-day mission of Orion will end on December 11.

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