These 5 humongous asteroids are incoming! Can pose threat to Earth, NASA warns (Pixabay)

The next few days will bring planet Earth close to 5 gigantic asteroids. (Pixabay)

These asteroids (from as large as 590-foot, 450-foot to 44-foot) are travelling at a rapid speed towards Earth. (Pixabay)

From the name of the asteroids, to their speed, closest Earth approach and more, here is what NASA revealed. (NASA)

A giant 92 foot asteroid named 2020 FV4 will be approaching Earth on March 13. (Pixabay)

It is moving at a speed of 29340 kmph and will make its closest approach to Earth at a distance of 6.73 million kilometers. (Pixabay)

A monsterous 590-foot asteroid called Asteroid 2023 CM will be zooming towards planet Earth on March 14. (Pixabay)

Nearing Earth at 3.94 million kilometers, 2023 CM is moving at a speed of 50508 kmph.  (Pixabay)

A 200-foot asteroid 2023 DM is heading towards Earth on March 15 at a speed of 26460 kmph. It will pass by the planet at a distance of 3.26 million kilometers. (Pixabay)

March 17 will see 450 foot massive asteroid 2018 UQ1 nearing Earth at a speed of 42048 kmph. Its nearest distance to Earth will be 4.11 million kilometers. (Pixabay)

A 44-foot asteroid named 2016 WH will cross Earth on March 19 at a distance of 6.93 kilometers, at 42372 kmph. (Pixabay)

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