This survey of WhatsApp users will shock you

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Question 1: Have the number of WhatsApp audio and video calls from unknown callers/numbers increased for you in the last 30 days?

* Over 11,000 responded to this query with 46% of WhatsApp users surveyed confirming that they have been facing an onslaught of audio or video calls from unknown numbers;

 * 83% that they have been getting them in the last 30 days.

 * 17% shared that such audio or video calls have increased by up to 20%;

 * 25% claimed that it has increased by 20-50%;

* A small 4% of respondents indicated that it has increased by 50-100%;

 * 8% of respondents indicated an increase of 100-500%

* 59% of respondents confirm that the unsolicited Whatsapp audio and video calls they are receiving are primarily coming from unknown international numbers

Question 2: What are the types of unknown numbers from which you have been receiving the various audio and video calls in the last 30 days?

 * 59% confirming that these calls are primarily coming from international numbers.

 * 37% of respondents are receiving audio or video calls from mostly international numbers and some domestic numbers;

* 23% are receiving such scam calls mostly from domestic numbers and some international numbers;

* 22% are getting calls only from international numbers and 18% only from domestic numbers. 

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