Top 10 Google Chrome extensions essential for students: Grammarly, Google Dictionary, Outwrite, more 

Whether you’re writing, reading or taking notes, Google Chrome has a variety of tools in the form of extensions which can help students achieve their goals. 

Extensions for various apps such as Google Translate, Volume Master, Google Dictionary and more help users access these apps directly from the extensions tab. 

If you use Google Chrome frequently, these Chrome extensions can help you increase productivity, help in better writing and note-taking and, even help in research quicker. So, check out the top 10 Google Chrome extensions essential for students. 

1. Memorize!

2. Grammarly

3. Google Dictionary

4. Outwrite

5. Zorbi

6. text Blaze

7. MyBib

8. Kami

9. Speechify

10. Save to Google Drive

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