Top 10 iPhone tips and tricks: Lifting subject from photo, translating text using Camera, and more (Reuters)

Apply styles to Lock Screen photos: Swipe left on the Lock Screen while in edit mode for a variety of photo styles, including colour filters and more. (HT Tech)

Lifting subject from photo: Touch and briefly hold the subject and lift your finger when you see the outline start to appear around it. Now, tap 'Copy' to copy the lifted subject, switch to a supported app like Messages, and paste it. (HT Tech)

View Wi-Fi password: In settings, tap Wi-Fi and then the information button. Then tap the password and use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock and reveal it. (HT Tech)

Open Camera from the Lock Screen: On the Lock Screen, just swipe left. (HT Tech)

Text replacements: In Settings, tap General, then Keyboard, and click on Text Replacement. Tap the Add button and enter a phrase into the Phrase field. (Reuters)

Add Low Power Mode to Control Center: Go to Settings, then Control Center and add it to the list of Included Controls. (HT Tech)

Select multiple photos to add to other apps: Touch and hold a photo until you feel a tap, and then drag it away a little while still holding it. Tap another photo to add it to the stack. (HT Tech)

Translate test using Live Text: Position the view finder of your iPhone's camera over the text you want to translate and tap the Live Text button. Then tap Translate. (Reuters)

Scan a document: You can do so using the Notes App. In a note, tap the camera button and click on scan documents. (Reuters)

Jump to your first photo in Photos App: Tap the top edge of your screen to jump to the first click. (HT Tech)

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