Top 5 English learning apps to boost your communication skills, land dream job

Duolingo is highly recommended for beginners. It offers fun and addictive lessons, adapting to your learning style and helping you master grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. It's considered one of the best English learning apps with millions of monthly users. Available on web and mobile.

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BoldVoice is an app that enhances English pronunciation for non-native speakers. With advanced speech-recognition technology, personalised video lessons, and just 15 minutes of daily practice, you can confidently communicate in English. Available on Android and iOS.

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HelloTalk connects you with native English speakers for text, voice calls, and drawings. You can meet learners from across the world too. However, do note that it is ideal for those already a bit familiar with English.

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Grammarly is an app that enhances your English writing skills. It detects and corrects mistakes, checks style and tone, and improves spelling. Perfect for error-free articles for everyone.

FluentU offers engaging language videos for learners. Explore news, storytelling, and inspiring talks. Take quizzes to enrich vocabulary and learn practically. Find content that matches your interests and learn English effectively.

Rosetta Stone provides immersive language learning experiences. With interactive lessons and real-life scenarios, you can develop your English skills naturally. It focuses on pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar for comprehensive language skills.

Memrise offers a unique approach to language learning through mnemonic techniques and spaced repetition. Master English vocabulary and phrases with engaging multimedia and interactive exercises.

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BBC Learning English provides authentic language resources with news articles, videos, and audio clips. Improve your listening, reading, and comprehension skills while staying updated on current events. Enhance your English with trusted BBC content.

These top English learning apps will help you to ace your communication skills. Whether you focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, or immersive experiences, there's an app out there to suit your learning style.

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