Top Trending Videos on YouTube in 2022 from India

Here are the top 10 trending videos on YouTube throughout 2022

With 54,5 million views on YouTube, Age of Water from Round2Hell is one of the most watched videos this year from an Indian creator.

With 56.4 million views, Sasta Shark Tank by Ashish Chanchalani parody video trended a lot during the peak popularity of the Shark Tank show in India.

CarryMinati's Indian Food Magic video got 33 million views this year

With 33.6 million views, Arabic Kuthu from Beast First Single Promo by Sun TV was watched a lot. 

With 25.4 million views, Daaru with Dad 3 was one of the top trending videos this year.

Automatic Gaadi from BB Ki Vines garnered total views of 21.3 million views.

Doodhiya from The MriDul  got total views of 38.7 million views

Biggest gangster encounter GTA V gameplay got 27 million views

Free Fire World Series 2022 Sentosa Final got total views of 20 million.

Chidiya Ghar by Amit Bhadana managed to get 19 million views. 

Which one was your favourite this year?

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